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The cloud gives you space to innovate and achieve your goals. Get more choice, better economics and ultra-reliable cloud solutions with Lenovo®

Cloud computing is the path to your future

Lenovo cloud-based solutions are designed to enable your business strategy. With a broader choice of solutions — co-created with industry leaders and powered by Intel® — you can go your own way, at your own pace.

With Lenovo, cloud is not the destination. It’s your route to greater agility, value, simplicity and growth.

More choice and flexibility

There are many ways to build your cloud strategy. With Lenovo you can take the approach that meets your business needs. You can also choose from the biggest range of software partners and platforms, while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Gartner has named Lenovo in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for cloud solution partners.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Build the foundation of your cloud platform. Try cloud easily and cost-effectively. Select workloads to move to cloud or keep on-premises.

Private Cloud

Transform on-premises IT resources into secure private cloud services. Gain the agility, scalability and modern technologies enabled by cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Integrate on-premises IT and public cloud services in a single platform. Achieve greater IT flexibility, scalability and economics.


Connect multiple private and public cloud environments. Benefit from extreme scalability, workload mobility and choice of cloud services.

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